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Hey, this is David Sun.

About Me

I’m a full stack developer and UI/UX designer from California studying computer science at University of Michigan. Currently, my interests are: blockchain, governance, and product design.

I have interned at VISA as a front end developer, and as a full stack developer. I'll be working at 0x as a software engineering intern next summer.

I create tons of personal projects to hone my craft; I also love to chat about ideas, life, movies, and books. Feel free to send an email about ideas and comments!

Find my resume here. Learn about my freelancing here



Personal Project

Cheatsheets is an effort to create a new kind of a micro-learning app that teaches and explores complex subjects.

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Personal Project

WeeeArt is a effort to create meaningful tokenized art. Built with the ERC-721 protocol, each artwork is a non-fungible token that facilitates unique ownership; with an access key, owners can unlock a suite of features for their artworks: requesting high resolution renders, and in the future, request physical prints.

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Client Work

Velcron is a novel decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform built to allow fast and secure trades with ERC-20 coins. I helped Velcron with front end design and developed the decentralized trading platform UI with react.js + redux.js.

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Other Works

Chef Brian Website

Chef Brian Polycn is a prolific chef and has operated restaurants for 35 years, wrote three books, and taught Charcuterie for years. I worked on delivering a digital identity for Chef Brian and created their logo used throughout their branding.

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Stradm is an IOTA cryptocurrency powered data marketplace that allows regular consumers to "lend" out their foot traffic data through an app to urban planners. For the data, users are payed a portion of the cut with IOTA tokens.

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Canalytics is a smart trash can that leverages image recognitition to determine the waste thrown and gives you detailed anayltics about your waste habits.

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A personal side project to create the perfect minimal 'new tab' chrome experience. Get curated headlines and quotes from around the web every time you open a new tab.

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Deviations is a portal to all my experimental technical work. The work can range from front-end experimentation, small hacks, and whatever I see fit.

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A delivery tracking app built from the ground up to be sensible, unique and intuitive. Note: App is not in active development and not on store. Happy to share the codebase per email request!

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Art Portfolio

Passion Project

This is my fine arts portfolio demonstrating traditional art skills and ideation. Contains a series of charcoal pieces, block-printing, and digital works.

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In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

-Albert Camus